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Full Moon Blanket: News

Return of the Beagle - March 28, 2012

Last summer, drummer and founding member Jon (Beagle) Kelly nearly lost his right hand index finger while helping load a truck with sound equipment. Jon was fortunate enough to be seen in an ER (in Houston) that had a hand surgeon on staff. Jon was able to keep his finger, and underwent 6 months of rehabilitation to use it again, as it was severely damaged. Having been told by many of his teachers that he was "extremely right-handed", Jon feared he may not be able to play for a long time, if at all. Lucky for the rest of us, the amazing and super talented Nick Recio sat in for Jon during his recovery, and enabled us to continue to gig, and even pushed us to new limits as a band. Now, after 6 months on the mend, Jon is back, and as rocking as ever. Excited to get back on the booking trail, the reunited Kelly brothers are looking forward to a summer of making music with bassist Eric Onimus and Vocalist Danielle Hardaman. 

FALL 2011 - November 11, 2011

   Hello All! Work continues on our Acousticats CD "The Lost Years" as we are in the final mixing stages and adding some tasty tracks to what we already have. In the meantime, we are hunting for new places to play, so if anyone has suggestions, we'd love to hear them! Just Email us at . Also, while we are finishing up "The Lost Years", we will be offering "Acousticastaway" at our live shows, a CD of previously-unreleased acoustic songs recorded by Tim at Daniel Farris's Denial Studios just before Daniel moved out to L.A.. Some of these songs are already up here at our site if you would like to sample them.

    Drummer Jon is still healing from his summertime injury that almost cost him a finger. He is doing well, but the docs say it will still be a few months before his hand can handle the rigors of drumming. Lucky for us, Nick Recio will be sitting in for Jon on the upcoming FMB gigs.

   Check out our sites on facebook and myspace, and fan us at our new site on REVERBNATION. Our plan is to get all our recordings done by the end of 2011 and concentrate on playing live in 2012. After all, if the world does end next year, wouldn't it be cool to see it all go down at a Full Moon Blanket show?

Summer 2011 - June 12, 2011

Well, another sweltering summer has begun it's long boil of the 'Ham. We have our new recording, "The Lost Years" in the can, and only have some final touches and mixing to do before we have a new CD in our hot little hands. This one is all Acousticats. Our little division of Full Moon Blanket (including Danielle Hardaman on Vocals, Victor Wilson on guitar and me, Tim Kelly, on guitar and vocals)has been playing in and around Birmingham for the last 4 years, and I wanted to record for posterity some of the great original songs we have written together. Most of these songs have already made it to the Full band setlist. We also included some of our favorite covers for good measure. As the Acousticats, our list of cover songs grew from about 20 to over 80 songs, and I, for one have had a blast working with Danielle and Victor finding new songs and "conquering" them. Singing Duet-style with Danielle on "Stop Draggin' my Heart Around", and doing Tool's "Sober" with acoustic guitar and mandolin with Victor are just a few of the highlights that come to mind. Keep your eyes out for upcoming Acousticats dates this summer, and a CD release party this fall.
The peak for our live performances will fall on the weekend of July 4th this summer. Catch the full band at Superior Grill on Friday, July 1st, featuring Danielle and Tim on Vocals and Guitar, Eric Onimus on bass, and Jon on drums. If you're more of a "day person", Tim will be doing a solo acoustic set Saturday July 2nd at 9am at Pepper Place. That night, Tim and Danielle return to Otey's in Crestline for a full evening of Acousticat goodness. Go for the full trifecta if you dare, and see how deep the musical roots of this group run, it should be an adventure, or as Bono once said, "a MUSICAL journey". Join us for all the fun and check back here for updates and new songs, as we have some live recordings we should have posted here soon.
Have a great summer!

The NEW SITE - February 5, 2011

We have regained creative control over thanks to the wonderful people at hostbaby (thank you Hostbaby!). Check it out for updated pics and recordings, as well as upcoming events.Let us know what you think!

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