Return of the Beagle

Last summer, drummer and founding member Jon (Beagle) Kelly nearly lost his right hand index finger while helping load a truck with sound equipment. Jon was fortunate enough to be seen in an ER (in Houston) that had a hand surgeon on staff. Jon was able to keep his finger, and underwent 6 months of rehabilitation to use it again, as it was severely damaged. Having been told by many of his teachers that he was "extremely right-handed", Jon feared he may not be able to play for a long time, if at all. Lucky for the rest of us, the amazing and super talented Nick Recio sat in for Jon during his recovery, and enabled us to continue to gig, and even pushed us to new limits as a band. Now, after 6 months on the mend, Jon is back, and as rocking as ever. Excited to get back on the booking trail, the reunited Kelly brothers are looking forward to a summer of making music with bassist Eric Onimus and Vocalist Danielle Hardaman. 

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